A Journey to the Stars

We dream of the stars. Ancient peoples looked to the night sky and saw the stories of creation written in them. Modern people look to the night sky and see stories yet unwritten.

The Earthrise Saga takes place in the 24th Century as humanity takes its first steps out into the galaxy. It’s a story that begins with the science fiction novel Nightwind. It’s a story that ends…well, even I don’t know yet.

Begin your adventure to the stars with A Brief History of the Future. This timeline of events leading up to the launch of the ECS Nightwind is filled with short stories about important events in the universe. There are only a few up right now, but what fun would it be if I put everything out on launch day?

Look for biographies of the characters you will meet as the Earthrise universe progresses. Right now you’ll meet the main characters of Nightwind. I’ll be adding other characters as time goes on.

When you’re done please help me bring this universe into reality. Nightwind needs a publisher. If I can say that I already have friends and supporters who want to see the story come to life it will make my journey that much easier. Like my Facebook page. Follow me on Twitter. Consider joining my Patreon. Hire me to write something. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, and local panhandlers. There are many ways you can help me. Actually, there are, like, four ways you can help me. Five, tops. Maybe six.

I will keep adding more content and updates about my progress in bringing the books of the Earthrise Saga to the world. And keep an eye on the News page. I’ll hopefully have plenty of that to share.