David Anderson

DavidCropName: David Anderson
Rank: Captain
Branch: Earth Command Navy
Birthplace: Warsaw, Poland, Europe Region
Date of Birth: February 5, 2325

Biography: David Anderson is the oldest child of Jonathan and Gabriela Anderson. His father is a history professor and his mother a transportation engineer. He was born on Earth, but when he was 5 his mother accepted a position supervising construction of a new rail hub on Mars and the family relocated to the Red Planet.

David spent his days studying Earth history, especially military history. This set him apart from his Martian friends and made him an outcast. He joined the Martian Naval Academy and graduated first in his class. The Colonial Authority offered a command track billet that would put him in the captain’s seat of one of their new frigates. He chose to join Earth Command instead.

David found Earth Command difficult. Some of his crewmates shunned him because of his Martian upbringing. His fascination with Earth history and Martian upbringing eventually brought him to the attention of Admiral Erin Belden. She quietly groomed him to take command of the battlecruiser Nightwind in the hope that a captain from both Earth and Mars would turn Nightwind into a symbol of unity.

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