Jade Dominguez


Name: Jade Dominguez
Rank: Chief Petty Officer
Branch: Earth Command Navy
Birthplace: Cadiz, Spain, Europe Region
Date of Birth: November 12, 2327

Biography: Jade Dominguez is the youngest daughter of Judge Sofia and Clemente Dominguez. Jade showed aptitude in math and science at a young age but little interest in either. At the age of twelve her father forced her to pick a learning-based summer camp and she chose robotics. This began a life-long love of robotics and computer programming.

Jade was accepted into the prestigious Commonwealth University for Technology at the age of 17. After graduating she went on to a Master’s program in Quantum Computation and began work on a Ph.D in Applied Robotics. She put her Ph.D program on hold in 2351 when Earth Command recruited her to join the Nightwind Project as a programmer.

Jade supervised the final implementation of the Nightwind-class battlecruiser’s cooling, environmental, and life support monitoring system. In 2354 she requested a commission in the Earth Command Navy and accepted enlistment as a Chief Petty Officer. She then applied for an engineering position aboard Nightwind. Commander Vanessa Gregory, acting captain of the Nightwind, was happy to accept her application.

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