The Art of Earthrise

I grew up dreaming of space. I watched Star Trek and Babylon 5 and any science fiction movie I could get my hands on. I read almost everything by Arthur C. Clarke. In my spare time I doodled space ships in my notebooks. I wanted to travel to the stars more than anything. If I couldn’t travel in reality I was determined to travel in my imagination.

I learned fairly early on that I was going to have to imagine with words and not images. I am no visual artist.  That wasn’t really a problem until I decided to create this website. Fortunately for me I am friends with an amazing artist. So I sent him a sketch and said, “Can you make this awesome? Like, maybe put it in space and add a planet or something?”

This is the sketch.


This is what I got back.


If you want to see more of Marc’s work he has an online gallery here. This was his first science fiction work. It won’t be his last if I have anything to say about it.

Great science fiction can’t just come from spaceships. It’s about characters. As an author I’ve now spent hundreds of hours with these characters. I realized that I wanted to see them come to life, too. I also did not want to monopolize Marc’s time. So I went and found myself a freelance illustrator. I could not be happier with the results.


I sent a bunch of odd descriptions and really poorly done mock-ups of some of my ideas over. Then I fretted about it for a while. Then I got the proofs. I stared at the black-and-white line drawing of Kat for a long time because even in that unfinished sketch it was Kat.

I hope you enjoy the art of Earthrise so far. I hope to be able to offer more from both artists as we move through the universe. And if you’re looking for some art of your own and like either style go see if they’ll work for you.

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