Launch Day Announcement Time

Where do I begin?

How about here, with a picture.


I wrote the first draft of Nightwind back sometime around 2000. I was still a kid who had no idea what I was doing. I knew that I wanted to write and I wanted to tell great science fiction stories. So I pounded the book out and took it to Kinko’s on a 3.5” floppy and had two copies printed out and bound. I then started sending it out to agents and publishers. I didn’t get anywhere.

It turns out that the first draft of Nightwind was awful. At its core was a good story. So it sat and waited. It rolled around in my head and waited. Last year it finally decided that I was ready to tell that story.

The world has changed since I printed out that hard copy of the first draft of my book. I think I can best illustrate that with a second picture.

Nightwind Cover Mockup

I can carry my own book with my everywhere I go now. I can make edits and republish it instantly. Several people I trust are reading the book for me. I sent some of them electronic copies of the second draft before they were done reading the first.

So where are we now and why am I launching a website based on a book that hasn’t been published?

Right now I’m done with the second draft of Nightwind and working on the third pass. I’ve also written the first third of the first draft of Nightwind’s sequel, tentatively called Phoenix. There are really good reasons for that. I won’t go into any of them right now, as they’ll give away the surprise.

What I need right now is support. It’s much easier to get attention from publishers if people know who I am. It’s also possible to simply ignore the publishers and self-publish without resorting to vanity presses. So I built this really cool website that I can point people to and say, “Come, check this out.”

Come, check this out.

I hope you enjoy it.

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