About Earthrise

The Earthrise Saga began with a dream and a book. The dream was to tell a wholly original science fiction story. The book was actually kind of terrible.

I was nineteen when I first wrote Nightwind. I filled it with all of the awesome explosions I could find. I forgot to give any of my characters reason to do any of the things they did. I actually managed to get an agent to read the first few chapters and received a rejection letter that basically said, “There’s no reason for any of this to happen.”

I decided to re-write the book back in 2008 but didn’t get very far. I decided to try again in 2015 and ended up starting almost entirely from scratch. I realized the idea was good and the basic collection of characters were good but the entire project up until that point was a failure of patience and imagination.

I am excited to tell the Earth Command Ship Nightwind‘s story now. It’s an introduction to a universe that grows a little bigger every day. The characters I just forced to run from one set piece to another in my youth are now fully formed individuals who have their own hopes and fears and loves and hates. They have spent more time telling me where the story goes than I have telling them.